Myth are makers of some fine bags and clutches from Karachi, Pakistan. This is by far the most comprehensive and detailed work i've had the pleasure of producing. The film consisted of two separate shoots. The first shoot was the actual film. The second shoot was the film within the film. The first shoot consisted of over 350 shots taken at 12 frames per second. These shots were then printed onto paper and then cut maintaining a 16:9 ratio. The second shoot consisted of over 530 shots once again taken at 12 frames per second. These shots were then taken into Photoshop where each picture was individually edited, leaving only the bag in color and the rest of the frame in black and white. After an extensive editing process, these shots were then taken into After Effects where each shot was individually keyframed to match the exact position of the previous picture. After adding a slight vignette the film was ready to be rendered. Yes, it was worth it.
Written and directed by Maaz Maudood
Model - Saman Safdar Munshi
Makeup Artist - Nimra Nabeel
Music - Dagger by Nicolas Major
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